Trackday dates for 2014

Hi gearheads. Just to keep you all updated, here are our next trackday dates for 2014 in Chambley

- September, 26th: registrationform_26092014

So mark all these dates in your calendars. Be there or be square.

SLB 2013 aftermath

THANK YOU ALL. The 2013 edition of our SUPERLAPBATTLE is over. It was the first round of the Speedindustries time attack series and we just have to thank you all who made this day so epic. Thanks to all the contenders, the spectators, the whole SLB Raceleague team, SpeedIndustries, Francis Maillet Competition and every single helping hand that was present that day. And as always, special thanks to our mastermind YVES for his effort.

At 7AM we opened the “pits” and welcomed the contenders, directed them to their spot and a technical scrutinizing was done on every car before the timekeeping transponder was mounted. After the drivers briefing, 2 hours of free practice to familiarise with the track, the conditions and their own car setup. Weather was perfect (a bit too hot for FI cars), about 22°C in the morning and 33°C in the afternoon.

After this free practice the different classes where hunting for the best lap time in two different groups. Street 1, Street 2,  Modified 1 and Modified 1 started in group 1 and Open 1 and Open 2 started in group 2. Lots of tight time battles where fought and personal or overall best times where improved over and over again.

All in all the event was great, everything worked out as it should. We, the organizers, will be happy to do a 2014 edition of this event and lots of drivers confirmed that they will be back next year.

Thanks again to everybody who made this day as awesome as it was!

Bob (monkeymagic86)

Now enjoy the pics and study the final results.